10-year old Tony extols Nigeria's unity with new single – The Nation Newspaper

Ten-year old Tony Ohekuru Iji has preached the oneness of Nigerians as he released his debut single titled ‘Nigeria We Are One.’

The song which was produced by Andrew Iji and released along with its visuals is aimed at promoting unity amongst Nigerians.

Speaking during the launch on Sunday in Lagos, Ohekuru said his concern about the conditions of the internally displaced person (IDPs) inspired ‘Nigeria We Are One’

“When I learnt a song from ‘Lion King’, my mom told me, why don’t I make a difference by singing and that was how I came about my own version titled ‘Nigeria We Are One’,” said Tony.

“Seeing the less privileged and the IDPs suffering doesn’t make me feel relaxed about Nigeria so I made up my own song about Nigeria.”

His mother, Mrs Angela Tony Iji, disclosed that Tony’s dream started when he was about seven years old as he always loved singing and asking questions about events happening in Nigeria.

Shedding light on his how his music career won’t affect his education, Mrs Iji said, “I encouraged him but I gave him rules. I said, one, your education first. During school hours, he doesn’t do it and the rules we gave him again was, his songs must be message-laden songs, no indecent language, no indecent dressing and if he deviates from those rules, his father and I will withdraw our support.”

She further disclosed that he is working on three other songs and urged other parents to encourage their children.

“He’s working on a concert which will be coming up before the year ends. He’s also working on three songs.  He’s doing a campaign now which is clean up Nigeria and he is also doing another campaign for made in Nigeria goods that is, be Nigerian. So, I encourage other parents to bring out the talent in their children and not kill their passion.”

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